Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Field Day 9 (Zoo Negara)

On May 31, we had another special program at Zoo Negara, thanks to Selena and Junaidi. Joining us were the dynamic volunteers from the LaSalle-ian Network, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Education Officer Pris Hendriks and undergrads from HELP University College. Also joining in on the fun were Millie Rook, Cecile Bonnar and Ella McCrady from the Canadian Association of Malaysia.

First off, the Bears team went to behind the monkeys' enclosure to gather banana plant trunks to stuff them in peanut butter (to entice the bears)...

And then went to the kitchen to gather the fruit lollipops for the bears.

The Bears' Zookeeper, Hamdan, was very helpful in explaining the secret hide-outs that the girls could use to 'confuse' the bears...

And then, when the bears finished enjoying the lollies and the peanut-butter treats, the girls got to throw bite-sized bread at Ah Boy and Ah Moi, who enjoyed it.

We cleaned the tiger's enclosure before placing the chicken meat.

One of the tigers spotted the chicken almost immediately...

Next, the girls were challenged to find 10 fun-facts about the animals at the Zoo. And just before we ended, we gathered at the amphitheater to watch the fabulous Animal Show.

The animal enrichment project was a huge success, and helped everyone appreciate that each of us can make a difference in Touching Hearts & Inspiring Lives!

Usha & Dr. Brendan

Monday, May 19, 2008

Field Day 8 at Zoo Negara!

On May 10th, we were given the once-in-a-lifetime chance by Zoo Negara to go behind-the-scenes and work on an Enrichment Program for the Sun Bears, the Sumatran Tigers and the Lions. First, the girls helped clean the enclosure of the animals before 'hiding' the tantalizing ice-lollipops, lemangs, and the meat.

Then, after watching the bears eat the lollipops and the lemangs, the girls had a wonderful opportunity to feed the bears fresh (um, dead but fresh) fish! One of the trainers helped demonstrate how to cue the bear before pitching the fish. Then the girls had a go. The bears sure enjoyed the fish! :)

Over at the Big Cats enclosure, the girls placed cut fresh (yup, dead but fresh) meat in hidden places so that the lions and tigers will have a treasure hunt!

One of the Sumatran tigers beat the other to the punch and was rewarded with a whole chicken.
After a much deserved rest and a hearty, delicious meal, which was supplied by the Sri Emas caterers, the girls found a cozy spot near the bears' enclosure to carry out SEL 8 activities, which involved the importance of identifying and managing our emotions. We got to do some creative activities in exploring emotions difficult for us to express, and to talk about how we feel most of the time.

One area we discussed is ways to cope with feelings so as it does not destroy ourselves or others. It was a long day, but the smiling faces at the end (both from people and animals) proved its worth, and its specialness. We were indebted to Eddy & Aswad from Zoo Negara for their help on this day.
Usha & Dr. Brendan

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Field Day 7

It's Field Day 7 and the focus was on discovering and building upon one's positive values, and on reaching out to help others.

Mentees got to reach back into their memories on people they have helped recently, and people who have helped them recently. They then traced their hands and cut them out. Then, once cut, they hung them so that they could see their peers' work, too.

All of us then got to see for ourselves how much we have helped and how much we've been helped in our lives. We got to think about how it felt to be helped by others.
It's Banana Dance time!!! The mentors did a quick demo of this cool dance, and then the girls had loads of fun 'going bananas!' More importantly, we got to think about how we can help others, and the values expressed.

Mentees discussed about whom in their families they would like to help and how they would like to help them. They then wrote their ideas down in a coupon, whereby the receiver can 'redeem' the favor whenever they need it.

Usha & Dr. Brendan